Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well here I go again, neglecting another blog - whoops! Let me backtrack a bit and just say that I have now found the needed motivation to force me to turn my Stampin' Up obsession from a hobby to a real business. I've had to quit my full-time job at the school and will be trying to focus on building a home-based business and going back to school.

I am happy to report that I made it to the regional SU conference in Cincinnati with my buds Glenna & Stephanie a couple weeks ago. We had an awesome time, learned some new techniques that I am looking forward to experimenting with and incorporating into some classes and workshops. I might even need to scrapbook some of the pictures we took over the weekend like this one:

Oh, and here is what I ended up doing for my swaps. Since I knew I was planning to make lots (and in retrospect, still could have made many more there were SO many people with wonderful swaps to trade with!) I changed my design a little from the last card I had posted last month. I made the same card in 3 different color schemes just so I wouldn't use up all my stash of a certain color and so I wouldn't get bored stamping the same thing over and over. I ended up making 56 cards to swap and traded them all away, so when I came home with 56 different card ideas...the girls and I were just gaga over them. I've (of course) added a few more stamp sets to my wishlist, but got many more ideas for sets that I already own. Hooray!

Some things to look forward to seeing here are: "magic" cards, techniques using reinkers, and my on-going perdonal dilemna - do I, or do I not need to own a Big Shot Die-Cut Machine???

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