Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bad blogger!

Oh look, I've used this title funny! OK so it's been a month and a couple days since I've posted. But I actually have done more stamping than I have the rest of the year (believe it or not!) So let me just cut to the chase here and post all the Christmas cards I was busy making. It took several samples for me to finally decide which ones I liked well enough to duplicate 40 times for the masses. Sending out Christmas cards has been a real hit-or-miss thing with me, especially since my separation...just didn't feel like it. Things are looking up though, and I am pleased to report that I not only made 40+ cards, but I also wrote them out, addressed the envelopes and have mailed MOST of them already! Wahoo! Now Christmas shopping on the other hand...not so wahoo just yet.

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